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The Agape Group

The instruction takes three forms: Individual classes as in the Reiki instruction; group classes such as the crystal, energy and meditation teachings and now the blog Tree's Playhouse offers instructional material in a periodic format. You can access the blogs at the navigation buttons on the home page.

Reiki   I teach the form called Traditional Usui Reiki. We have had a remarkable opportunity in the mid-nineties to reclaim some of the information lost to us when Reiki came to the West. For some years now I have tried to bring my teaching into a greater alignment with the teachings of Usui. Today my goal is to teach a blend of Japanese and Western practices and techniques. Reiki is taught in 3 levels: Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden. The 3rd level is split for those who wish the energy of the attunement but do not wish to teach.

Crystals   I offer several classes which I teach from the perspective that crystals interact with the human energy field in a number of ways. The aware individual can partner with crystal allies to elevate the frequency levels of the energy bodies as well as chakra work, healing and meditation. The current list of classes includes:

Introduction to Crystals: A series
Quartz Crystals
Practical Applications: Topics vary
Stones of Transformation

Meditation    Guided Healing Meditation using Chakras (based on the writings of Caroline Myss and Anodea Judith.) We look at each of seven chakras along the central line, the arena of experiences that impact the chakra and how that damage can be expressed physically.

Mindfulness Training   Wonders occur in the Now moment. We spend most of our waking consciousness ignoring life in the present moment. Instead, we focus on that which is illusion and distract ourselves from what is real. We use this distraction like a drug, and like addictions, it devours our lives. Mindfulness meditation brings us back into the empowerment which is offered in that Now moment. It begins simply.breathing in, we focus on the act of breathing in; breathing out, we focus on the act of breathing out in this moment. When our minds wander, we bring them back to the focus of the breathing. This practice is the heart of all meditations and is essential for the meditation form which follows.

Tonglen   is a meditation practice in which one uses personal experience to reach out to all who share the experience, transcending the pain for the individual and all beings. Someone I love very much once told me that when I suffer everyone around me suffers. I held onto this thought for a long time and when I became aware of Tonglen practice I understood the significance of his message to me and what a gift the meditation practice can be. In this context suffering can mean anger, sadness, despair, being stuck in an egoic process, or a mental process. I use this meditation practice daily and have found it to be a powerful transformative tool. Today when I suffer I am aware of the many in the world who share this suffering and I engage in the Tonglen practice for them as well as myself.

Human Energy Fields   In this class we explore the care and feeding of our energy bodies, specifically the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We will identify some of the issues that we have experienced in our lives as energetic beings walking around in physical bodies on this planet of very dense energies. We will learn and practice a number of techniques to clear our own energy fields and that of our environment. We will look at the concept of sacred space. As a group, we will practice the viewing of our etheric body, sense our energy fields and those of others. We will clear energy fields using a variety of tools including tingsha, smudging, waters, combing the energy fields and the utilization of mindfulness.


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